CALEXICO — US Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector rescued two men at risk of drowning in the All-American canal and Briar canal Thursday, May 21.

According to the USBP release, the incident occurred at approximately 11:48 p.m., when Remote Video Surviellance System (RVSS) operators spotted two individuals illegally entering the United States eight miles east of the Calexico Downtown Port of Entry. RVSS operators then advised agents the illegal aliens had entered the All-American canal. Agents were informed one illegal alien was struggling to swim and the other made it across and had entered the Briar canal. Shortly after, RVSS reported that both individuals appeared to be struggling to swim, according to the release.

Agents with Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team (BORSTAR) responded to the Briar canal location and heard a man in distress screaming for help. Agents recognized the man’s life was in imminent danger and immediately deployed a rope rescue throw bag, according to the release. Agents successfully pulled the drowning man to safety using the throw bag and extracted him out of the canal.

The BORSTAR agents then responded to the All-American canal to assist the second individual—physically exhausted and unable to swim. One agent entered the embankment wearing a personal flotation device and safely extracted the second man out of the canal, said the release.

The BORSTAR agents, also Emergency Medical Technicians, assessed the two men and determined no further immediate medical attention was needed.

The release said the agents took the two illegal aliens into custody and transported them to an immigration rally point. Both adult Mexican males were expelled back to their country of origin.

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