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Customers fill the aisles of Best Buy to partake in Black Friday deals.

EL CENTRO — Imperial County stores spent Thanksgiving week preparing for the biggest one day holiday within the business world: Black Friday. Automobiles filled parking lots while customers lined up outside stores, wrapping the building, waiting for the doors to open and the door busting to begin.

Customers camped outside of Best Buy in El Centro for several days to be the first to claim the extreme discounts. Shoppers piled tents, cases of water, and other comfort items along the building to make the stakeout a little homier. Best Buy even supplied an outside port-a-potty for campers to maintain their spot in line.

PlayStations, TVs, laptops, home appliances, and so much more filled the baskets of discount-crazed customers. Check-out lines snaked through the store, requiring customers to tread to the back of the line to buy shiny, new toys.

Walmart employee Salvador Ochoa explained the planning, organization, and preparation to be Black Friday ready. According to Ochoa, the store was fully stocked and ready for the shopping hoard.

“As far as the rest of the store goes, people were crowding the aisles, especially the ones with prime merchandise, such as electronics and toys. The lines in the front were extremely long too,” said Ochoa.

Ochoa works in the Auto Care Center. He explained his experience of working the chaotic holiday.

“In my area, we had nonstop cars for tires due to the Black Friday deal we had on Goodyear tires. We also gave people the wheel balance and rotation for free. Almost every car came in for four tires and a balance,” said Ochoa.

Customers used the sales event to stock up on Christmas gifts and other electronics for the home. Prices were slashed down to 50, 60, and 70 percent store wide.

Major and minor stores throughout the Imperial Valley Mall and Gran Plaza Outlets, and big box stores in the County joined in the Black Friday madness. Customers shopped for anything and everything, from home appliances and electronics, to cashmere sweaters, to children’s toys and holiday gifts.

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