OCOTILLO — US Border Patrol agents from El Centro Sector aided four individuals lost in the mountains Monday, June 1.

The incident occurred around 11:32 p.m., when Grupo Beta contacted El Centro Sector Radio Communications regarding two individuals lost in the mountains near the Jacumba Wilderness, according to the release. The individuals stated they crossed through the mountains into the United States illegally, were unable to walk, and have been lost for an entire day without food and water.

Dispatch relayed the information to the El Centro Sector Border Search Trauma and Rescue team (BORSTAR) — responding immediately to the GPS coordinates dispatch and Grupo Beta provided.  The release said BORSTAR agents successfully located the two individuals — both adult Mexican men on a hill approximately three miles south of Interstate 8.

According to the release, BORSTAR agents discovered two additional individuals approximately 200 meters away while in route to rescue the two men. The two subjects, one man and one woman, had also become lost attempting to illegally enter the United States and were without food and water.

BORSTAR agents medically assessed all four individuals and provided them with food and water, according to the release.

The individuals did not need further medical assistance.

BORSTAR agents determined all four individuals crossed together and they were all from Mexico illegally present in the United States. The individuals were placed under arrest and transported to an immigration rally point for further processing, according to the release.

The individuals, all adult illegal aliens, were expelled back to their country of origin.

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