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BRAWLEY — Brawley Elementary School District Superintendent Richard Rundhaug gave a district update on the coronavirus at Tuesday’s regular board meeting.

Currently the district has taken several steps suggested by local health officials.  Each classroom has been supplied with hand sanitizer, heavy traffic areas are being sanitized and cleaned frequently, and food services are keeping cafeterias clean to avoid the spread of germs.  Students and BESD employees are encouraged to stay home if they are sick with a fever, cough, or other cold or flu symptoms. Students are also encouraged to wash their hands more frequently.

The cancellation of field trips, concerts, and staff travel have been considered until the end of May.  Several trips have been canceled according to Runghaug.  School assemblies may be conducted only among the students and school staff and to not invite parents or community members on campus.

Rundhaug said that the greatest threat to BESD students is the large assemblage of people.

“The district’s rational is that students have to come to school no matter what, but the more people are invited inside the school the higher the risks of students being exposed to the virus.” said Rundhaug.

If schools were to be closed, independent study is an option and packets of work would be sent home.  Rundhaug added that this would happen only if there was a big scare.

Board member Esther Sanchez-Banda stated that Brawley Union High School District has agreed to not close schools unless the Imperial County of Education says to do so.  Rundhaug agreed that BESD would follow the same policy.

Information on BESD’s coronavirus response can be found on the district website at

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“The district’s rational is that students have to come to school no matter what" . . . .Really? Are you new? There is a pandemic going on.

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