Aguilas select tolentino 2019

THE MEXICALI AGUILAS acquired 16 new players in total during the 2019 LMP Draft that took place July 3 in Hermosillo, Sonora.

HERMORSILLO, SONORA — Shortstop Milan Tolentino was selected number one in the 2019 Pacific Mexican baseball league draft in the national category by the Mexicali Aguilas.

Tolentino is 17 years old and is an infielder that bats lefty. He is 6' tall, weighs 160 pounds and possesses great velocity and patience behind the plate. Tolentino currently attends Santa Margarita High School in Santa Margarita, California. He will graduate with the class of 2020 and may be eligible for the next draft in the United States.

Tolentino is participating in a baseball camp in Florida where 80 of the top MLB prospects are attending.

His father, Jose Tolentino, played in the big leagues with the Houston Astros in 1991 and was a Mexicali Aguilas affiliate in 1992–1993.

Aside from Tolentino, Mexicali added talent that is projected to be MLB-caliber with the selections of Ensenada native Fernando Lozano from the Philadelphia Phillies and Patricio Ress of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“[Tolentino] is among the best American prospects with decent stature and is very solid, strong, and fast,” said Mexicali Aguilas Sports Director Luis Alfonso Garcia. “Tolentino is definitely one of the best batters in the west coast, where many agree is the best region to scout talent. He has a grand natural instinct for the game, and we have nothing but good things to expect from this kid.”

In the second portion of selections, Mexicali picked eighth where the Aguilas selected outfielder Jay Austin, who currently plays for the Campeche Pirates, and also added Yasutmo Kubo of the Leon Braves.

At the end of the day, the feathered fliers ended up with 14 new faces in the national circuit and two in the international.              

*All stats and info courtesy of Mexicali Aguilas

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