New wells funded by generous IV donors bring clean water to Uganda


IMPERIAL VALLEY Burning Bush International, also known as BBiUganda, has announced though a press release that generous Imperial Valley donors provided funding for another five deep-water wells in Uganda. Over the last year, a total of $35,000 was raised to bring clean water to the neglected area located in Eastern Uganda. These five wells were sponsored by Ron and Kim Wallace, Steve and Brenda Scaroni, Shelvie and Ann Crittendon, the Valley Christian Church, and numerous individual donors to BBiUganda.

This makes a total of 17 deep-water wells that have been funded by Imperial Valley donors to a region of about 500 square miles. This area had no access to clean water until Imperial Valley donors became involved a few years ago through Burning Bush International. Many of the region’s villagers walked up to five or more miles each day to gather dirty water.  Consumption of contaminated water can lead to various water-borne diseases, resulting in high-infant mortality rates and general poor health for adults, said the release.

Local residents, Jim and Nancie Rhodes, founded BBiUganda in 2012 after they traveled to Uganda and witnessed much poverty and disease.  As Jim puts it in the news release, “We saw how a few U.S. dollars could easily save lives and give children a future.”  Since then, BBiUganda has raised over $350,000 for their spiritual and humanitarian projects.

Nancie Rhodes said in the release, “Our theme is ‘Kickstarting Hope & Opportunity.’  Our projects include prison ministry, healthcare access for the very poor, education support, anti-poverty projects, clean water, and much more. For instance, I have many volunteers who help me make little girls’ dresses from fabric and pillowcases. Right now, we have over 350 dresses ready for our next trip in February 2018.”

In September, BBiUganda will hold its second Annual Comedy Night featuring clean funnyman, Comedian Nazareth, who will be making his second visit to the Valley. Also, local comedians Denise Rogers and Oreda Chin will be performing their “church ladies” skit.

Tickets can be purchased at First Christian Church in El Centro, from Ricardo Jaramillo at KGBA, or online at Tickets are $20 and include food from Cesar’s taco cart, desserts, coffee and other beverages. The event is scheduled for Thursday, September 14 at 6 p.m. at the Plaza de las Culturas, IV Expo.