New ‘scouting’ program for boys God-honoring, Christ-centered




A Nashville convention has ended with the launching of a new Christ-centered organization for boys to provide a faith-based program for those who have become disenchanted with the Boy Scouts of America.

Trail Life USA is the culmination of months of planning and prayer following the Scouts’ decision this summer to permit open homosexuals as members, turning its back on more than 100 years of being biblically straight. Randy Sharp, director of special projects for American Family Association, attended the conference along with a packed crowd of 1,200 people, mostly men from 44 states who had been part of the Boy Scouts of America. Those men are now helping to launch the faith-based program called Trail Life USA.

“It was very exciting. It was a very festive mood,” Sharp tells OneNewsNow. “There were a lot of folks excited about the new program that they had heard so much about, and now they got to see it unveiled.”

“It’s exciting to see that these men and these boys are saying We’re going to stand on the truth – and when the organization we’ve been aligned with for so many years varies from God’s Word, then we’re going to move on.”

Trail Life USA’s motto is “Walk Worthy.” The curriculum, only partially completed so far, will soon be revealed. But Sharp, a former Scout leader himself, says there’s no mistake that Trail Life USA is based on the Bible.

“It’s God-honoring. It’s very Christ-centered,” he shares. “We got a sneak peek at some of the curriculum, some of the handbook material, and we were amazed to find that on the edges of the pages were scripture for the boys to learn, to read, to meditate on, and to memorize.”

During a slide presentation, one popped on the screen that simply said “Jesus” – and according to Sharp, the crowd erupted into cheers. He adds: “We’ll soon see an announcement of how the uniforms are going to look, but it’s an outdoor adventure program for boys of all ages.”

Trail Life USA is partnering with American Heritage Girls.