My Wife was Poisoning Me


Most of us watch “Law and Order (LAO).” Some of us have gotten away from it since they are mostly reruns. Just admit it: once in a while, it is good to see them get the bad guys again! Since I have watched so much of LAO, I sometimes feel that between LAO and CSI, I have a minor in Criminal Justice Administration. Always remember, “Feelings are not facts.” It is good to pay attention to them, but don’t let feelings manage your checkbook. Anyways, based on your training at the institutes of LAO or CSI, the first person you look for in a homicide is the spouse. OK… now we are all on the same page.

As we get older, the body begins to breakdown, or at least complains more about things it used to ignore. We ache from a little stress and huff and puff with minor exertion. Over the past couple of years, I began to develop some

stomach and other gastro problems. In my drinking days, 20+ years ago, after two or three days of alcohol abuse, I would be on the Rolaids regime until things calm down. Well I don’t  drink anymore, so my stomach problems are related to salsa, coffee, juices, and ot

her acidic additives to my abdomen.

I have been going to the doctor. It is good to seek wisdom. We have some good doctors in the valley, but sometimes better ones
are in other areas. My wife and I go to an ear, nose, and throat guy in Palm Desert. Be a smart shopper. But even if you try to follow directions, if your boat is leaking, and you are bailing water, it doesn’t help if someone is poking holes in the boat.

My wife loves me and she wants the best for me, most of the time. Because of her desires and dedication, she often wants to help out. A few years ago, my wife heard of the health benefits of fish oil and flax seed capsules as a supplement to nutrition. When we first started taking them, I noticed no changes, but I am a big believer in placebos. The mind is good that way. If we believe it works then it often will work. In the placebo research, I doubt if they talk about side-effects.

This piece about poison is that we may be taking things that may cause other problems. This is related to the phenomena call the “technological fix,” where we develop or do something different to solve one problem, and it has unintended consequence. Anyways, years after beginning the “health” strategies, and months of nausea and gastrointestinal issues, I happen to look up the side effects of fish oil and the other annoying additive. To make a long story short, my wonderful wife’s efforts at health were making me sick. I wasn’t so much a victim as a volunteer.

Here is a bit of wisdom for those who aspire to good or better health. Tell your doctor what you are taking, even if it is over the counter. I never did, and they never asked. They always ask about prescribed poison, but not the over the counter kind. If your health is compromised, check out what you are consuming. My gastro issues are improved, but I am cutting back on caffeine, chili, chocolate, and other members of the basic food groups. If you have good health, don’t fix what ain’t broken, but if you are having problems, do a little research about the added benefits of things you are taking into your body.

My health is pretty good, and I give God most of the credit. I have to do my part and you do too! Have a healthier 2013, and if possible, pass on the poison.