Mr. President, sleep in the bed you made.


letters to the editorDay 2 of the U.S. government “shutdown”.

This train wreck began in ’07 when candidate Obama ran on a platform of Hope and Change; no red States, no Blue States, only purple States.

President Obama was elected in ’08 because he promised to unify the left and the right to build a stronger America. What he actually did was stake his entire presidency on the golden chalice of the Democratic party; Universal Healthcare. The ACA passed with zero Republican votes. Not very purple. The great uniter became the great divider in the first year of his first term. Everything went to hell from there.

I do not fault the House or the Senate for the shutdown. I do not fault the Republicans or the Democrats.

I fault President Obama for lying to the electorate from ’07 to present. I fault President Obama for his gross inability to effectively govern.

President Obama faults the Tea Party. Mr. President, you are the father of the Tea Party. Without your lies there would be no Tea Party.

Sooner or later your lies catch up to you and those that you lied to will hold you to account.

Mr. President, you have made your bed. Now you have to sleep in it. I highly recommend that you discard your dirty blue sheets and sleep on the purple that you promised the electorate in ’07.

Kevin Hickingbottom
Brawley, CA