Miracle #2


Dear Editor,


letter to the editorThe new business ideas of water banking and drought insurance bring a new chapter to IID. PROFIT

The operations of a for profit entity are substantially different from a non-profit.


The focus is maximizing the value of valley assets and creating value and revenues which can immediately lower the utility rates for everyone. This effort requires a well planned PR program to inform and educate.


Miracle Number Two is realizing this value.  It was created from a profound Vision to turn the desert into a green food machine. This required great work and sacrifice. The beneficiaries of this effort should be the people of Imperial Valley, not millions living on coast…QSA needs to be renegotiated to equitably and fairly share the benefits locally first…Eliminating all risk and liability…We are there now…


June 3 is date of announcement on QSA.  IID needs to be ready to usher in the new and profitable future…


The New Board is on it. This is a wonderful and complex situation…All options should be considered.


MTO is a significant power base and a magnificent signal to the world that IID is moving on offense.


The days of defense and reacting are over… Hope replaces fear. Prosperity replaces poverty.


Everyone should encourage the Board to consider all options and stay ahead of the curve. Many details must be anticipated and handled quickly and efficiently…A new image is a powerful force. A new team is required to manage this significant paradigm shift to a bright and dynamic future. Value and profits replace losses and liability… Has a good ring to it…



Tom Havens