Mini Rodeo entertains special kids



BRAWLEY – The Cattle Call Mini Rodeo draws more rodeo fans every year and the 25th Annual Cattle Call Mini Rodeo drew the highest numbers to date.

Over 500 people attended Wednesdays Mini Rodeo.

The Mini Rodeo was founded by Joanie Moore in 1988. Moore is a member of the Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo Committee and is still active in the event. Her daughter and grandchildren now participate in the rodeo

The Cattle Call Mini Rodeo is put on especially as an outreach to disabled students, the elderly, and others who may have special needs from all over the Valley that might not otherwise have the opportunity to see a rodeo.

The Mini Rodeo has events just like a real rodeo, only on a smaller scale and a shorter time frame.

Julie Reeves chairs the event along with many local volunteers.

“We couldn’t do this without the help of all the volunteers and the generous sponsors,” said Reeves. “We also want to thank the Naval Air Facility who sent out a crew to assist the children and those in wheelchairs into the stands.”

Some of the participants in this year’s Mini Rodeo included Danielle Standiford, Chelsey Roper, Sarah Grizzel, Jessica Friley, Victoria Wysoki, Ruby Robbins, Lexi Van der Linden, Mishaela Sampson, Chloe Roper, Molly Pole, Annie Locher, Bayleigh Nelson, Cyleigh Nelson, Carli Rose, Cailee Roper, Rylee Locher, Cole Leavitt, Erin Wilson, Trenton Blackstone, Baylyn Locher, Rhett Smelser, Emerson Smith, Luke Van der Linden, Cade Roper, and Brenna Berker.