Miguel C. Miranda Memorial Boulder unveiling

Miguel C. Miranda 2001-2015 Clinicas de Salud Board President was honored with a Memorial Stone outside of the Clinicas office on November 2.

BRAWLEY – The Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo commemorated Miguel C. Miranda for a lifetime of dedicated service and his 2001-2015 tenure as Board President with a Boulder of recognition on November 2.

Yvonne Bell, Clinicas CEO, greeted guests as they entered the office lobby.  A quartet of acoustic guitars played in the background while Miranda’s family, friends, co-workers, and loved ones arrived to partake in the memorial dedication.

“This is a true testament of how much this man was loved and I’m glad that you all are here to celebrate this dedication to a wonderful, loving, caring, and devoted man,” announced Bell.  “Not only was he loved by his family, staff, and board of directors at Clinicas, but also by the community within Imperial County,” she added.

Before the boulder unveiling deacon Don Spinney of Sacred Heart Church spoke about how Miranda worked for the betterment of the community.  “Some of us take our faith and wear it like clothing and we take it to every corner that we can go and he (Miranda) did that,” shared Spinney.

After the Invocation Brawley Mayor Sam Couchman commented.

“He (Miranda) loved his immediate family but he also loved the city of Brawley,” remembered Couchman.  “And I think he thought of every one of you as members of his family.  He always had a smile on his face and he was proud of his work with the Clinicas and the Hidalgo Society.  He had a way of smiling which made me always feel welcome whenever I went were Miguel was. It didn’t matter where, he always had a way to make us all feel welcomed,” he continued.

Clinicas Board President Rusty Garcia also spoke briefly during the ceremony.

“He (Miranda) got me involved with the Clinicas and invited me to be part of the family.  It was a family to him because he loved the Clinicas and Clinicas loved him too,” explained Garcia.

Miranda’s family members stood behind the memorial boulder as the cover was pulled off while Vicente Fernandez’s song, “El Rey” blasted out of the speakers.

Miranda’s memorial dedication boulder outside of the Brawley Clinica’s office has a slogan that reads, ‘el amigo de la comunidad’ which translates to ‘the friend of the community’.

“I will truly miss him forever and I think that this is a great tribute to him.  On behalf of the whole city of Brawley I’d like to say that we are proud to join with the Clinicas in celebrating this tribute to my friend,” concluded Mayor Couchman.