Mexico, Others Donate $20K for IVC Scholarships

IVC Foundation Executive Director Rod Smart accepts a donation for scholarships for IVC students from Mexican Consul Carlos Flores Vizcarra.

IMPERIAL – On Wednesday, the Imperial Valley College Foundation Executive Director Rod Smart announced the foundation received two major gifts totaling more than $20,000 to fund scholarships for IVC students.

The government of Mexico, through its program IMA-BECAS, donated $10,000 to fund scholarships for students who are either Mexican citizens or are of Mexican descent.

In November 2016, during a ceremony held at the El Centro Old Post Office Pavillion, the check was presented to Smart by Mexican Consul Carlos Flores Vizcarra, who said the donation was intended to help fund the education of IVC students.

IMA-BECAS provides funds to organizations to promote Mexican-U.S. relations. Through similar gifts over the past few years, the contributions of IMA-BECAS have totaled more than $65,000.

In addition, the IVC Foundation also received a $10,100 gift from the Imperial County Physicians Medical Group, which was presented by Dr. K.C. Kuraitis to foundation board members at their December 2016 meeting at the Stockmen’s Club in Brawley. The donation brings the total of scholarship funds from the Physicians Medical Group to more than $44,000 for the IVC nursing program.

“The Foundation wishes to thank both el Consulado de Mexico and the Imperial County Physicians Medical Group for their very generous donations and their ongoing support of education in the Imperial Valley and especially at IVC,” said Smart. “IVC and its students are sincerely grateful for their contributions, which will be distributed to our students who qualify for the scholarships.”

The IVC Foundation, with assets of over $2,000,000, is dedicated to funding the future of Imperial County through education.

IVC Foundation Executive Director Rod Smart, Dr. K.C. Kuraitis, and IVC Superintendent/President Victor Jaime are shown after a donation for students’ scholarships was made by Kuraitis on behalf of the Imperial County Physicians Medical Group.