Mexican Nationals Can Now Apply for Mexico Voter Registration Card in Calexico

(L-R) Hector E. Huerta Nava, Deputy Consul, Carlos Flores Vizcarra, Consul Titular and Diana M. Postlethwaite Barboza speak at a press conference Friday about voter registration cards for Mexican nationals.


CALEXICO – The Mexican Consulate in Calexico held a press conference Friday at the Carnegie Library, to advise Imperial Valley residents who were born in Mexico that they now can apply for a Mexican voter registration card at the Mexican Consulate offices in Calexico.

“Effective today, Mexicans living in Imperial County can now go to the Mexican Consulate offices in Calexico and apply for a voter registration card, a process that previously could only be done from Mexico,” said Carlos Flores Vizcarra, Consul Titular of the Mexican Consulate in Calexico.

Today, Mexicans living abroad may initiate the process to request the credential to vote in multiple consulates in the United States, according to the information issued by the authorities of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

The consulates include Calexico, Brownsville, Del Rio, Douglas, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Laredo, Mc Allen, Milwaukee, Nogales, Presidio, San Diego, Tucson, Yuma, Albuquerque, Boise, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Fresno, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New Orleans, Orlando, Oxnard, Portland, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Omaha, San Bernardino, Miami, Saint Paul, Seattle, Washington D.C., Santa Ana, San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento, California, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Denver, Phoenix, New York and Raleigh. The process will be extended to more cities in the U.S. on June 8, and will continue in Europe, Asia and Latin America on August 8.

According to Vizcarra, the voting registration card will be sent to the address indicated by the applicant via U.S. Mail within a period of eight weeks from the application date. An identification card will be required at the time of delivery and only the addressee will be authorized to receive the package.

“This is a historical event, since the voter registration card could only be processed in Mexican territory,” said Vizcarra.

According to INE, the purpose of the change is to increase the participation of Mexicans abroad in the electoral processes of their country.

Additionally, Vizcarra informed that young adults 18 years of age and older with Mexican parents can also apply for a voter registration card.  However, if the parents were born in different Mexican states, the applicant will have decide which state he/she will be registered to. Additionally, the applicant will have the opportunity to vote for the state elections of their choice.

An example was provided at the press conference: Mary and John have a son named Steve. Mary was born in Jalisco, Mexico, John was born in Nayarit, Mexico and Steve was born in Brawley, CA. Steve applies for the voter registration card, but will need to decide if he wants to register in the State of Jalisco or Nayarit. If he elects Jalisco, he will only be able to vote for governmental elections in Jalisco, however, regardless of his choice of state, he will be able to vote for country elections, such as the presidential elections.

“Applying for a voter registration card in Imperial Valley began today, and already we have had 18 applicants,” said Vizcarra.

The process is free of charge and can be obtained at any of the above listed Consulate offices by making an appointment or visiting the facility. Required documentation includes an original birth certificate, photo ID and proof of residence.

Applicants can choose to make an appointment to make the process easier and save time by calling 1-877-639-4835 or via the Internet at

To learn more about the application process or for additional information, visit