Men Behaving Badly…Men Behaving Godly


Jim_Shinn       The fall brings both cool weather and a plethora of uncool TV shows, both new and subsequent seasons. I admit I watch too much TV. I watch too much sports and lots of comedy and drama. Do I ever choose TV over service or fellowshipping with the saints? Not too often.

I am more committed to my faith and I have fewer idols than years past. I haven’t missed Sunday morning church for an NFL encounter for many years.

I boast in Christ alone. He has changed my heart and renewed my mind. Will there be TV in heaven? I hope so. It will only be good programming.

Most TV shows are not worth the film they are recorded on. It is OK though. This is America where we are the freest people on the planet.

Most programs, if you watch with a discerning eye, show men behaving badly. It bothers me, but what should I expect from Hollyweird.

By the way, we planned to see the movie “Unstoppable” last week and we couldn’t get in because it was sold out. Good job valley viewers! We went to dinner and watched “Duck Dynasty” with a few friends instead. Always have a Plan B!

I have three favorite shows where men often act in a Godly manner, or at least don’t behave too bad. It is funny for men to be foolish, but like junk food, there can be too much of a good thing. My three shows this season are “Duck Dynasty”, “Blue Bloods” and Tim the Tool Man in “The Last Man Standing.”


duck dynasty 2 I am not a total Duck Dynasty dude, but whenever possible, I love the last five minutes where they say grace and thank Jesus for His many blessings.


I have read two of their books and they are a very good read for those who like the redneck genre. They are tales of redemption, faith and family. They are great gifts for men or people who like duck dynasty dynamics.

“Blue Bloods” is a good cop show where they always get the bad guys and there is not extreme trauma. I don’t do serial killer shows. They remind me too much of the depravity of man, and I have to hear about it in my office too much as it is.

This Irish Catholic cop crew, spans four generations, and they too often end the show in family prayer. There is a commitment to family and dining together which is something lost in most shows. Families that dine together have less divorce, better grades and the kids do fewer drugs.

If you are a man and not sitting and dining with the kids and wife most nights, you are not leading in the right direction. I also like the fact that the family members are all defected, but are lifted up by the family, professional values and their faith.

Two weeks ago, “The Last Man Standing” had Duck Dynasty guys on it and it was a double dose of men behaving Godly.


glorify GodJesus is the first and the last man standing, and in that show a few weeks ago, God was glorified. They are not a perfect family but they show the culture wars acted out in a very good way, often with the father on the side of God, country and appropriate politics.

Tim does a good job as a functional father. The program  deals well with issues of immigration, race, values, family, decision making and other areas in a funny and positive way.

Vote with your remote! Watch the few Godly men on TV this season. More importantly, be a Godly father and husband this season. If you don’t know how to do that, there are many church and men’s ministries willing to help. God bless you and those that create good TV and films!