Members of public and Brawley police officers talk coffee

Brawley Police Department Agent Brian Harsany holds a conversation with Brawley Mayor Sam Couchman and Starbucks manager Andrew Bernal Tuesday during the first “Coffee with a Cop” event held in Brawley.

BRAWLEY – The Starbucks in Brawley was filled with the city’s officers in blue during the first “Coffee With a Cop” event held August 22 to help foster and strengthen the relationship between the Brawley Police Department and the community they serve.

Community members entered the coffee shop to have a cup while also holding conversations with Brawley PD officers. There were questions, and concerns were voiced as well as praise along with just normal conversations in the coffee shop between officers and members of the community. It also gave residents a chance to meet the people behind the badge.

Maria Morales said she brought her three-year-old grandson, Mason, so he could shake hands and talk to the officers a bit.

“I wanted him to not be afraid and to know that they are the good guys,” said Morales.

Officer Dean Beckwith, who admitted he frequents Starbucks himself, said he saw this event as a great way for people to see the police department in a positive light.

“They get to see the people behind the badge,” said Beckwith.

Officer Mike Sandoval, the man behind the idea, said he was inspired to have the “Coffee with a Cop” as a way to improve relations with the Brawley community.

“We just wanted to have this opportunity so we could informally meet with the community, hear some concerns, get feedback, because it helps us become a better department and provide better service. And what better way than over coffee?” said Sandoval.

Brawley PD Commander Brett Houser said the Brawley department enjoys a very good relationship with the community of Brawley. Everyone knows each other as they run into people in the street, and are able to interact with officers on a daily basis.

Brawley Police Sgt. Jesse Rotner compares his badge with three-year- old Mason Morales’ toy badge.

This allows the police department to better serve the people of Brawley, he said. Houser also said his officers are known for being very approachable if anyone is in trouble or has a simple question, and he is proud of that.

“Events like these bring a familiarity and reality to the relationships in Brawley,” said Houser. “This reminds us that relationship is ongoing and it doesn’t just start today and doesn’t end tomorrow.”

Chrystal Alcala, whose husband owns the barber shop on the Brawley Plaza, said the police officers have always looked out for her family. She said Brawley officers found the door to the shop unlocked one night, and officers were there at the house to let her husband know.

“They’ve always been good to my husband,” said Alcala. “When they notice anything suspicious they let us know.”

Agent Brian Harsany said events like this are what help improve public opinion on police officers.

“If the community will come and sit with us, maybe they can change their minds,” said Harsany. “We are here to serve them.”

“Everyone seems to like the PD,” said Brawley Mayor Sam Couchman. “I think we have a great police department. In fact, I hardly ever receive complaints about them.”


  1. Starbucks hasn’t had good relationship with Law Enforcement but I thank they are franchise and this sounds like a very good idea. We ate working on something like this in Salton City area. We need to keep Law Enforcement safe as they keep us SAFE.

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