Meet and Greet Held for Republican Congressional Candidate Juan Hidalgo

Alfords Distributing hosts Juan Hidalgo for a meet & greet to share his values  and plans of action.
Alfords Distributing hosts Juan Hidalgo for a meet & greet to share his values and plans of action.

IMPERIAL — Alford’s Distributing Company hosted 51st District Congressional candidate Juan Hidalgo, Jr. for a meet and greet Wednesday to answer questions and introduce himself to the Imperial Valley community. With 20 people in attendance, the evening started with a time to mingle, eat, and speak personally with Hidalgo. After food and drinks, those attending heard Hidalgo speak on behalf of his campaign to demonstrate his values and plans of action if elected.

A Republican, Hidalgo said he is running for Congress to make changes in our community.

“When I started coming out to the Valley there were three issues that kept coming up to me, and that was jobs, education, and the military,” Hidalgo said.

Concerning Imperial County’s 18.6 unemployment rate, Hidalgo’s plan  is to get rid of the unnecessary governmental regulation in small businesses to lower the unemployment rate.

“Small businesses have had to lay people off and even close up shop because of these regulations,” Hidalgo said, “and by getting rid of some of these, it can encourage young business owners to reinvest in their business to allow it to grow and stimulate the economy.”

Hidalgo touched on the subject of education, stating, “In this district there is a 68% graduation rate and this is unacceptable.” Hidalgo said he believes that making schools competitive through the voucher system will increase the number of graduates.

“By allowing parents to have to ultimate decisions in where to send their children to school, it creates this competition,” he said. “If a school in the district is not producing adequate education, then parents should have the right to send their child to a school that is.” In the end, this action will result in schools in the district raising their standards to compete with the higher schools, he explained.

Lastly, Hidalgo spoke on supporting the military.

“Why is it that we have an administration that is supported by the incumbent to bring 100,000 refugees to the United States of America, when in January we had 49,933 homeless veterans?” he asked. The candidate said he believes the obligation of our nation is to take care of our citizens first.

“It is time to send these professional politicians home, and when I’m in Congress I will work, win, and fight for the American people,” he said in closing remarks.

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