Local RC racers compete in “Turkey Run”


IMPERIAL – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Ricochet RC Raceway Saturday hosted a remote control “Turkey run” as local racers faced off in timed qualifying laps to earn the title and be crowned as the fastest RC car.

A group of five competitors started off the qualifying heats in the Sportsman two wheel drive 17.5 buggy heat to move to the next round with the fastest average time out of 14 laps. Finishing in the top three were Mike Ramirez, David Soloman, and Trey Hernquist.

In the qualifiers, Ramirez and Soloman dueled in lap seven as Soloman eventually zipped around the corners to grab the first place position with a time of 18.463 seconds, while Ramirez finished right behind with a time of 19.088. Finishing in the third slot was Hernquist with a time of 22.819.

The novice class took their positions in the second heat to battle it out in one race with four racers competing. The competition got fierc between Wheelie Poppin’ Owen and Speedy G, the two who finished closest to the top. Wheelie Poppin’ Owen managed to find his groove to finish first with an average time of 21.108, while Speedy G pushed through to qualify second, with a time of 22.789.

Moving on to round two of qualifiers, ten racers from the expert 4 wheel drive 13.5 buggy heat took their positions on the track in hopes of moving forward again. Ten racers were entered in the heat, and the best time of the event would qualify for the main event. As the racers zoomed around the track, Elliott Watson managed to pull ahead, giving him pole position with a qualifying time of 5:02 for 14 laps with a time of five minutes and two seconds.

With qualifying heats over, each racer still in the competition took their RC cars to the workstations to make final adjustments before the main event.

For the first main event, the expert class of 17.5 buggy drivers took their positions and zipped around the track until Emma Ramire pulled ahead to take the win for her class.

In the second main event, Elliot Watson, the fastest qualifier of th

13.5 buggy class managed to pull through again and took the win.

The Ricochet Turkey run ended with a celebration for all spectators and racers who supported the event by coming out.