Local Artists Showcase Art on Vinyl at “On The Record” Show

Local artist Yesenia Salazar exhibited various mosaic art pieces in an Aztec era style made out recycled bottles during the “On The Record” art exhibit.

CALEXICO – A group of local artists showcased their creativity and techniques Friday evening at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center during the “On The Record” Vinyl Art Exhibit, hosted by the city of Calexico and the Calexico Arts Commission.

“The idea came from El Centro artist Kelly Castillo who had art on vinyl at the second Border Art Walk in Calexico,” explained Hildy Carrillo, executive director of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce. “I loved her art work and bought a few pieces.”

Carrillo said the concept of art on vinyl was also discussed with local artist Eddie Shiffer, and that is where the idea of the art exhibit began.

“I was discussing art with artist Eddie Shiffer and mentioned art on vinyl,” said Carrillo. “He said that when he was in art school in San Francisco he did an art exhibit on vinyl called “On The Record”… And we went all out from there.”

Close to 30 artists, ranging from ages eight to 60, participated in Friday’s art exhibit.

Showcasing various mosaic pieces made out of recycled glass, Yesenia Salazar displayed her skills of specializing in the artistic method of creating something out of nothing.

“We utilize recycled bottles with vivid colors, green and reds such as beer bottles, Sky bottles, soda bottles, cups, plates and even mirrors,” explained Salazar. “Our goal is to educate the community on the importance of recycling and ways to utilize what they call trash, into something beautiful.”

Salazar offers classes on mosaic art at the Santo Thomas Swap Meet in Calexico.

“With the funds from the classes, I am hoping to open a school in Mexicali to help the youth stay out of gangs and drugs while learning how to create art free of charge,” said Salazar. “Not only will they learn the importance of recycling, but together we will help the environment.”

Mosaic art uses the technique of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is often used for decorative art or interior decoration. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae.

El Centro artist Patricia Rubalcava exhibited two vinyl records with colorful ballerinas.

“Art has been my hobby for the last six years,” explained Rubalcava. “This is the first time I’ve created art on vinyl and I really enjoyed it.”

“Sandra Tauler and the Calexico Arts Commission are always looking for ways to allow people to create, participate and grow… I think we accomplished that with this exhibit!” said Carrillo.

The exhibit was open for on Friday and Saturday.

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