Local artists debut in the DR


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BRAWLEY – Starting February 3, Outzkirts comics will be featured in The Desert Review’s weekly printed-paper.

David and Doreen Dotson, the creators of Outzkirts comics, have just recently published their first book “Get Psalm Kicks in the Sticks”. The book is a first of its kind, matching Outzkirts comics with verses from the book of Psalms in the bible.

The book is not meant to make “lite” of the scriptures, but bring light to life. Though the comic strip is not faith based, the reader will see how God’s word pertains to everyday life and that everyday life needs God’s word. Since its release this past February, the Dotsons have received great feedback from those who have read and enjoyed the book. “The cards and letters are a wonderful encouragement to us,” David and Doreen said.

David is no stranger to the Valley. He grew up in El Centro and attended Mc Cabe Elementary school before moving to El Cajon.

David met his future wife at church years later. Doreen, a Southern California native, graduated from El Capitan high school in Lakeside.

After being married they collaborated on creating a comic strip. Their first venture was “Sports Barbs” a sports oriented strip. A few years later David and Doreen were approached by their local weekly newspaper to create a comic strip based on the area in which they lived. Outzkirts was born! Since its conception in 1998 it has appeared in over 75 different newspapers in the United States.

David writes the gags and story lines. For those of you who remember David from your childhood that should come as no surprise. Doreen is the artist bringing the Outzkirts characters to life, drawing over 100 strips a year.

Outzkirts consists of three main characters, Bud, his wife Edna, and their little dog Rusty. Rusty is a big fan favorite. David brags that on two different occasions he has had somebody tell him that Rusty is their favorite dog on the comic strip pages. David said it was humbling to know that there are two people out there who like our dog better than Otto, Marmaduke, and Snoopy.

To purchase an autographed book send an email to David and Doreen at outzkirtspromo@yahoo.com Get Psalm Kicks in the Sticks can be purchased for $14.99. The book is available at 5th Ave. Book Center 549 W. Main St. in El Centro.