Let us give thanks


As you might know, and if you don’t you soon will, there’s a tradition around here – the annual ten things (mostly sports related) I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Day column. Hopefully this column is one of the things you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving, so I’ll go ahead and jump right in.

 10. Stuffing. You know the drill. It’s my favorite thing to eat on turkey day. Always has been (except the one year I went to someone else’s house for dinner and they had marshmallows in theirs), always will be. I no longer get the pleasure of eating my mother’s famous stuffing, but I make a passable imitation so I cannot wait to dig in.

9. Baseball season’s over! Okay, this has, obviously, been the case for a while, but this past season was a real drag for me. Hoping 2013 is at least a little better.

8. The wacky world of college football. Heading into the last couple weeks of college football’s regular season and it seems like, after last week’s multiple upsets, 10 different teams might end up playing for the national title. Will it be Notre Dame? Alabama? Georgia? Oregon? LSU? Who knows? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a playoff? I think so, but that’s not going to happen, so I guess we can wait, see who wins, and who the computer decides are the best teams in the land.

7. Stability in sports leagues. Isn’t it nice teams in the NFL and NBA don’t jump around to different conferences every year? Wouldn’t it be great if the same thing could be said for their college counterparts? Last week Rutgers and Maryland announced they were joining the Big 10 and I’m sure more chaos will follow. It’s getting very hard to keep track of the college sports landscape at this point.

6. The hot stove league. I honestly love baseball’s offseason because it seems like anything could happen. I think the Toronto Blue Jays proved this fact a couple weeks ago when they traded for half the Miami Marlins starting lineup and then signed Melky Cabrera, instantly transforming their team. What will happen next? Who knows. I just hope it happens soon.

5. Shabazz Muhammad is on the court. It would have been a shame had the supposed top NBA prospect not gotten to play at UCLA. He is supposed to lead the Bruins to the top of the college basketball mountain and it certainly would be great it he does. Too bad he will be gone to the NBA next year.

4. Other distractions. You know, like Sons of Anarchy or Walking Dead. Anything to keep my mind off the fact there is no hockey on TV. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the greatest game on ice is coming back any time soon either.

3. The NFL’s slate of Thanksgiving games. One of my greatest joys most Thanksgivings was watching the annual Texas-Texas A&M game. Unfortunately that tradition died last year when the Aggies fled Texas to join the SEC. Thankfully, this year my favorite NFL team was playing on Thanksgiving, so I will definitely get my fill of football.

2. The Houston Texans. Speaking of that favorite team, I cannot tell you how long I waited to have my favorite NFL team actually achieve respectability. (Okay, yes I can, it was eight years.) Now that they have finally done it, it is a great feeling. I cannot wait for the playoffs to start to see just how far the Bulls can parade in January.

1. Eliana Louise Grant. Maybe this one’s getting a little sappy, but what parent wouldn’t rank their child first on the list of things they are most thankful for? Ellie is a happy, healthy six-year old who started kindergarten this year. She still hasn’t found her sports calling (and, in all honesty, is way more into pink clothes and stuffed animals than sports) but I’m sure it will come. She’s a great kid, and I’m blessed to have her.


Well, guess that’s it. Hopefully you have a list as long, if not longer than mine and, hopefully, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.