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HOLTVILLE — Police reports inform that four units were sent Friday, June 4, to assist the reporting party that claimed her boyfriend allegedly pulled her by the hair and punched her in the stomach. 

NILAND — According to police reports, nine units were sent to Highline Canal Drive in the Slab City area to respond to a reporting party claiming that his girlfriend was allegedly attempting to burn down her house while she was inside Saturday, June 5. The reporting party was attempting to get her outside of the house. 

OCOTILLO — Police reports informed six units were sent Sunday, June 6, to respond to a woman who allegedly climbed a billboard on East Agate Road with a ladder to lay on top of it and refused to come down from.

WINTERHAVEN — Police reports informed six units were sent to Indian Rock Road to respond to the reporting party who was crying and walking away on foot from her boyfriend Tuesday, June 8. The reporting party claimed her boyfriend was allegedly following her and told her he was going to kill her. 

HOLTVILLE — According to police reports, two housekeepers were struck by a resident male last seen wearing a bow on his head on East 5th Street by Blossom Valley Inn Wednesday, June 9. 

OCOTILLO — Police reports inform of a man claiming he was in the desert after being separated from a group of subjects with guns that were allegedly following him and attempted to flag down a helicopter Wednesday, June 9.

NILAND — Police reports inform five units were sent to respond to an alleged spousal abuse in the Slab City area of Niland Avenue Wednesday, June 9. The reporting party claimed her husband allegedly physically assaulted her by pulling her hair and slapping her. 

NILAND — A reporting party claimed he and his dad were assaulted at SoCo Mini Mart with a shirt and the subject allegedly hit the victim’s car with a box of cereal Thursday, June 10.

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