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SALTON CITY — Police reports inform of one unit that was sent to South Marina Drive on July 12, to a reporting party stating her ex-boyfriend allegedly posted an old sex video on Facebook and sent it to her current boyfriend. She was advised of her options.

WINTERHAVEN — Police sent five units to Picacho and San Pasqual Road on July 12, to a reporting party that claimed they heard the sound of screaming and a beating at a nearby field. 

NILAND — According to reports, two units were sent to United Food Center on July 13, where the reporting party said a mentally unstable person was allegedly screaming, throwing stuff around, and scaring away customers.

HOLTVILLE — According to police reports made on July 14, a reporting party on East Alamo Road claimed she found money in her mailbox and that she heard strange noises coming from the bathroom during the night. She allegedly woke up to see the bathroom window damaged and believed someone was trying to enter the house. 

HEBER — Police reports inform of five units that were sent to Dogwood Road on July 15, to a reporting party that alleged her ex made a copy of her apartment keys without her knowledge and entered the apartment while she was sleeping. She said her ex was allegedly carrying a knife and attempted to assault her. 

NILAND — Police reports inform of six units that were sent to Wilkins Road on July 16, to a reporting party that claimed her brother hit her in the stomach with a broom. 

BOMBAY BEACH — A reporting party at the Bombay Beach Ruins said she was allegedly being detained on July 17, by some of the locals who claimed they owned that piece of land and were only allowing her to leave if she paid them $200 because she was taking pictures. 


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