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BRAWLEY — A reporting party advised he was fishing at the highline and saw what he believed to be an old artillery shell Sunday, February 7. No further information was provided, but units were sent to the location for inspection.

NILAND — The manager of Dominion Energy reported the theft of about three or four solar panels Monday, February 8. He said four locks were broken and a chain link fence was cut to gain access to the facility.

NILAND — Reports inform of a 10-year-old female being held hostage at the library Monday, February 8. The reporting party was unwilling to provide any further information. Units responded and confirmed that there was no issue at the library.

CALEXICO — A reporting party advised steam was coming out of one of the large geothermal pipes and water was flooding the field Monday, February 8. Several units were sent in response to the call.

CALEXICO — A reporting party advised they were allegedly involved in a hit and run Monday, February 8. The victim of the alleged hit and run said they believed there were firearms in the subject’s vehicle and threats were made.

WINTERHAVEN — Reports inform of an 80-year-old male subject with a split forehead after the vehicle rolled while off-roading Monday, February 8. Several units responded.

WINTERHAVEN — A reporting party advised she was assaulted and feeling drowsy Tuesday, February 9. She said she had been walking and was not sure how she got there. She was sitting on the shoulder near the rest area and did not know the location of where the assault occurred or who assaulted her. Several units, including an AMR vehicle, were dispatched.

EL CENTRO — Reports inform of a male subject allegedly jumping on top of a red semi-truck hauling a container trailer and refusing to get off Thursday, February 11. The vehicle was going eastbound on I-8 when the report came in.

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