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SALTON CITY — A reporting party advised he was going to punch his mother in the face, and he was going to go to jail because his mother gave him a salad and plastic fork Friday, February 26.

BRAWLEY — Reports inform of a subject allegedly running into traffic Friday, February 26, and was picked up by Brawley Police Department.

WINTERHAVEN — A reporting party advised of a subject at the location who was allegedly threatening her Friday, February 26. She said the subject allegedly assaulted her previously and the police are looking for the subject. Several units were dispatched in response to the report.

NILAND — A reporting party advised her brother allegedly sold her refrigerator without her consent Friday, February 26. She requested contact to take a report.

OCOTILLO WELLS — Reports inform of a female involved in a rollover Friday, February 26. The reporting party believed she was dead and said her head was smashed in. Several units responded.

HOLTVILLE — A Country Club employee advised there were about 10 subjects allegedly trying to attack the workers Saturday, February 27. He said they were all at the parking lot in front of the restaurant and it was unknown if they had weapons.

HOLTVILLE — A reporting party informed that her uncle is receiving phone calls from an unknown subject allegedly threatening to hurt the reporting party and pretending to have kidnapped her Sunday, February 28.

SALTON CITY — Reports inform of a male subject allegedly carrying a rifle and speaking out loud Sunday, February 28. Several units responded to the incident.

EL CENTRO — Several units responded to a haystack fire at the field directly west of Walmart Monday, March 1.

BRAWLEY — A reporting party advised of possible hunters in the southwest area by the train tracks Monday, March 1. He called from a chemical manufacturer for fuel distillation plant and was concerned for the subjects proximity and risk of fire.

SALTON SEA BEACH — A reporting party advised of a subject who was allegedly playing on a machine, got agitated, and threw a fire extinguisher across the room, causing damage to the extinguisher and property Monday, March 1.

SALTON CITY — A reporting party advised of a subject who allegedly pointed a gun at him after being asked to move his vehicle Thursday, March 4.

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