Lady Bulldogs travel successfully to Southwest High’s Diamond

Calexico's Andrea Quirroz (#3) slides into home plate after the Southwest catcher was unable to tag her out on Friday night.
Calexico’s Andrea Quirroz (#3) slides into home plate after the Southwest catcher was unable to tag her out on Friday night.

EL CENTRO — It was a low-scoring, but highly competitive match Friday night as the Calexico Lady Bulldogs traveled to play the Southwest Eagles at their home field, beating them 3-0..

The Lady Bulldogs started the first half of the game by scoring and leading, 1-0. During he third inning, both sides showed powerful batting but were unable to score. In particular, Southwest’s infield and Calexico’s outfield kept the inning scoreless.

In the fourth inning, Calexico put a Lady Bulldog on third, and a bunt put a player on second, but they could not score due to Southwest’s quick infield defense. Southwest’s batting lineup was unable to capitalize on any of the fast pitches from Calexico’s Kasey Cazares (#1).

Southwest’s outfield player Audra Carter (#21) caught a powerful hit to right field which stopped Calexico from scoring in the fifth inning. Iliana Manzano (#16) created a momentum shift for the Eagles while at bat, hitting the ball high towards the left outfield, giving her a double. Pinch runner Karynna Vega (#9) was subbed in and promptly stole third base. This fired up the home crowd fans as Southwest desperately needed a scoring play. Sadriena Rodriguez (#2) made it to first base then stole second, but the momentum stopped there. Southwest’s lack of solid batting lost the opportunity the team needed to score.

Nat Lopez (#2) proved Calexico’s dominance in the game stealing home base from third, taking advantage of a dropped ball error at center field in the sixth. This re-energized Calexico’s momentum and making the score, 2-0.

Southwest had difficulty establishing a rhythm in their batting during the six inning and remained scoreless. All hits were quickly captured by Calexico’s quick infield defense.

The seventh inning brought very little hope for Southwest as Calexico’s Andrea Quirroz (#3) scored a run, adding to their lead of 3-0. The Lady Bulldogs kept the lead through the bottom of the seventh inning and closed out the game as pitcher Kasey Cazares struck out all three of the Southwest’s batters consecutively with her perfect pitching. The Calexico Bulldogs picked up the win at Friday’s away conference game against Southwest, 3-0.

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