Kuhn and Benson win in hard fought IID elections


Imperial Irrigation Director Division 2

Completed Precincts: 135 of 135

 BRUCE KUHN 14.253 58.01%



Imperial Irrigation Director Division 4

Completed Precincts: 135 of 135

 STEVE BENSON 14.107 56.16%

 STELLA A. MENDOZA 11.012 43.84%


Imperial Irrigation Director Div 5

Completed Precincts: 135 of 135


 WALLY LEIMGRUBER 5.730 23.58%


 RODOLFO “RU D J. MALDONADO 3.911 16.09%

 JAMES WILLIAM HORN. JR. 2.803 11.53%



  1. Hey Oscar, what happened to the Calexico vote?
    How Ironic they both loss by 3000 votes each.
    It’s sounds like Benson hijacked the Northend vote. Stella turned to “Coco” on us Mexican-Americans… that is why she lost. Not sure where Kuhn’s votes came from. Interested in seeing how each town voted.

    • The sum total is that Menvielles ads did not wash. They were just not credible. He had “Progress and Integrity.” and he advertised the lowest rates in the state. WE SHOULD HAVE THE LOWEST RATES IN THE STATE! MUCH LOWER. We the people own the IID and not stockholders. In addition we were overcharged.
      And Stella’s argument for getting another term was “Steve Benson could not make a living on the coast!” She could not or would not answer questions at public forums.

      • It was most evident from their adverstising that the 2 incumbents had become intoxicated by their own delusions. Progress- now if the Board doesn’t get on track to focusing on their job of guiding and directing the district rather than having their hands and conflicts of interest in the day to day business operation the next 2 incumbents up for re election need to go. Just keep rejecting incumbents until they get it right. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY GETTING THE PERSONAL AND POLITICAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST OF IID BOARD MEMBERS AND SPECIAL INTERESTS OUT OF THE IID BUSINESS OPERATION. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS HAVE BEEN LOST, STOLEN OR WASTED LEAVING THIS POOREST OF THE POOR REGIONS HOLDING THE DEBT AND FADING OPPORTUNITY AS MORE SOPHISTICATED RELATED BUSINESS INTERESTS BYPASS HAVING TO DEAL WITH US.

  2. Galindo is no Sanchez or Mendoza. Who will be the first fool that crosses? My bet is on Matt “The Brawler” Dessert.

    • Rumor has it that IID legal has recommended starting to drug test annually the Board and those 100 staff that combined make over “$20,000,000” per year. That should weed the tough guys out…no pun intended. Tough guys are hard of hearing and slow learners anyway. Bad for business especially when important related business out there is already bypassing us for being so slow and difficult to work with.

    • Excellent point, Mr. Insider. Mr. Delaney is updating his resume. El Sol Del Valle, The Holtville Tribune, The Calexico Chronicle, and The Desert Review should be getting more work.
      The IVP is most recently running pablum stories. No real news. The mood in their press room looks like a wake.

  3. Homeboy
    Wouldn’t yours be the office across the way from Arn’s and not the GM office?
    You may not get paid as much but you wouldn’t take as much s### from staff, the public, and the board, and you could still pay your mother more rent!

  4. regardless of the mantra of governance policy, the iid will never function without changes in management at several levels across the organization. along with the managament changes should be the elimination of several positions via retirement or for a few, termination. adherance to policy, placing the iid first not ego or revenge and running a business like a business is needed.

    as far as winners and losers homie, too many of them in the iid already. thats why its so f’d.

    • Time to turn it into a business- but more likely more of the same conflicts of interest and interference by the IID board in the business operation will persist as well as name calling and food fights. We’ve got to get cronyism out and merit in, HR cleaned out and new policy written and enforced, a very skilled and locally COMMITTED GM in place to implement an business optimization plan, powerful 10% special water interests to think big picture and of course enhance and enforce IID’s governance policy-once and for all getting political and personal conflicts of interest of the IID board out of the business operation. If more of the same “circus like” organizational atmosphere persists our poorest of the poor regions is destined to stay the same.

      • It never helped that a certain IID director gave jobs to lazy, incompentent friends and relatives. This IID director could not manage, so attempts were made to insure re-election toward granting concessions to powerful interests.
        HR has to change; the puppet HR director has to go.
        Huge sums paid to outside consultants has to cease.
        The IVP political SuperPac has to be broken. In the waining days of the election, they got important IID ads ss “Don’t plant tress under pwwer lines” and “Flash! Water is Wet!”
        Former IID directors intimidated IID employees; fortunately they could not look over their shoulders in the voting booth.

  5. Get ready for 4-1 and 3-2 votes favoring the Farmers. Scaroni must feel like he’s in Disneyland. Who will listen to reason and side with Galindo. I believe she will be the only one that will focus on the people and reason. She will make the other four look like greedy devils.

    • Bruce will vote in the best interests of the Valley first and then in the best interests of the District. He can be trusted to be a man of integrity and anyone who says otherwise either doesn’t know him or is lying.

      • Bruce will side on reason, but that peer pressure from the Farmer’s side will be enormous. Kind of like, “Hey Bruce, how is your landleveling business doing?”. Get the drift

  6. 3 incumbents gone within 6 months-we have done our job. Now it is up to the IID elected directors and remaining incumbents to learn what their job is to DIRECT the district not to manage it. Vision, mission, goals, objectives, short and long term strategies, policy……guide the district and stop the organizational meandering and business reactivity while outside interests bypass this poorest of the poor communities and our opportunty for a more prosperous future. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY AND BREAK THE CYCLE OF CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND POLITICS THAT PERMEATE AND RENDER THE IID BUSINESS OPERATION INEFFICIENT AND UNPRODUCTIVE. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS CONTINUE TO BE LOST, STOLEN OR WASTED. IID IS A COMMUNITY OWNED NON PROFIT BUSINESS ENTERPRISE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST EFFECTIVE DELIVERY OF ELECTRIC AND WATER SERVICES TO ITS CONSTITUENTS…PERIOD. DON’T FORGET IT AND DON’T GET INTOXICATED AND DELUSIONAL AS THOSE DIRECTORS WHO HAVE JUST BEEN REPLACED.

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