Jodi Rollins hosts Facebook 101 workshop for local business owners



Workshop organizer Jodi Rollins thanks Facebook 101 attendees following the event Thursday.

BRAWLEY – Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004 and the popular social media site continues to adapt with the fluid necessities of modern society. While most have learned the ins and outs of navigating through Facebook, the social site still remains a mystery to others. Jodi Rollins, a creative consultant and owner of Rollins Creative, organized a Facebook 101 workshop Thursday to help expand local business owners’ knowledge of the social network.

Rollins said she grew up in the entertainment world and even participated on a reality television show called “Big Brother.” After the show, she discovered she had lots of fans and began her own talk radio show. She was working to get a larger following for her radio show when she realized social media was a great avenue to grow and promote projects.

“You have the power to create an action. The action is to come to your store or buy your products or visit your website,” said Rollins of using social media.

The workshop began with quick introductions and Rollins discussed the importance of using Facebook to promote a business. She stressed how Facebook can best be used to grow a business by connecting with customers.

Rollins gave several marketing tips such as: define your target audience, post pictures or videos instead of just words, and do not try to sell on social media. But to some of the workshop goers, not selling on social media seemed counterproductive, as they thought the whole point of using Facebook for a business was to sell their product.

According to Rollins, the secret is that customers want to feel important and cared about. By constantly trying to sell products on Facebook, business owners are not taking the time to connect with customers.

“What is Facebook? Facebook is a beast; when you feed the beast, that’s when it starts to grow,” said Rollins.

Berenice Martinez of EXIT Imperial Realty said she attended the workshop with hopes of having a better understanding of how her business’s Facebook page works.

“I find myself staring at the Facebook page just trying to figure it out. It wastes a lot of time,” said Martinez.

She said the workshop gave her some helpful tips on how to post more dynamic content and how to interact with clients through Facebook.

Philip Zills, founder of Z–Air A/C Service and Repair, also attended the workshop to improve his Facebook skills for business.

“I just opened a Facebook page, and I’m just trying to get my feet wet and promote the page better,” said Zills.

Rollins took the time to show workshop attendees the basics of navigating through Facebook. While several individuals found the information helpful, they realized they were being taught something bigger — they learned the value of using social media to connect with their customers and clients.