Jerry Brown hints at 2016 White House Run

Governor Jerry Brown
Governor Jerry Brown

With the phrase, “I’ll jump in at the appropriate time,” California Gov. Jerry Brown dropped a hint Wednesday that he might, after all, enter the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2016.

Asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer why he had not yet endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or whether he would advise Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race, Brown was noncommittal, saying that he enjoyed the privilege of being a spectator, and would answer later.

The way he phrased his response, however, left room for interpretation.

Numerous Democrats, and liberal commentators, have suggested that Brown should run. As a fourth-term governor of California, Brown would be the most experienced public executive in the field. He is also in tune with party sentiments on climate change, immigration, and many social issues–while adopting a pragmatic posture on spending, fracking and foreign policy.

Clinton is currently trailing socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in several primary states, and Biden is reportedly mulling a run.

Biden was in California ahead of the GOP debate, firing broadsides at Republicans about climate change. The night before, he had called the Republican Party the new “Know-Nothing party” on immigration.


  1. Haha, I see Tom is pretty deep in the conservative bubble. So Brown ran CA into devastation? Nevermind that S&P upgraded CA’s credit rating, unemployment is down, and the budget was not only balanced, but we now have had multiple years of a surplus, this year alone being over $7 billion, and the debt is being paid down. All of this is verifiable fact, but I know facts don’t play into the conservative narrative of bad boy Brown.

  2. The man who ran California into devastation almost singlehandedly, the man who never knew his left from his right, the man who always gets out of bed on the wrong side in the morning, and that side against the wall, the man who, If president, would send men and women to war, would use Tulips and not weapons. No, I don’t believe so. If his I.q. had been two points lower, he would have been a plant.

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