IVC hosts Club Day and back-to-school BBQ

Several Imperial Valley College clubs set up booths to recruit new members at the college’s back-to-school BBQ and Club Day Thursday.

IMPERIAL – Imperial Valley College started the fall semester and welcomed back student Thursday with a Barbecue and Club Day. Students were encouraged to stop by the event for free food and the opportunity to learn about some of the clubs and organizations IVC has to offer.

The college offers more than 20 clubs for students, including business, math, LGBTQ, chemistry, and a handful of other organizations. Most joined Club Day with the intention of enlisting more members as leaders set up tables and provided information for curious students.

Kimberly Renteria, captain of the Spirit Club, said she was looking for new recruits. Prior to the event, she had five club members, but she hoped to enroll a total of 15 members to make a full cheerleading team.

When she enrolled at the college, Renteria said she and her friends wanted to continuing practicing cheer, but were disappointed when they discovered IVC did not have a cheerleading team. They inquired about forming a team and were told to simply fill out the paperwork to start their own club. According to Renteria, the last time IVC had a Spirit Club was about 18 years ago.

“The process to become a club is very easy. We just filled out some papers and that was it,” said Renteria.

Gage Herzog, a second year student at IVC, was president of the French Club in spring of 2017. While he is currently not a club member, he appreciates that IVC offers a wide variety of clubs for students.

“There’s a great variety and there’s something out there for everyone,” said Herzog.

Nevertheless, Herzog attended IVC’s club day out of curiosity. He stopped to ask the Math Club several questions and to understand what they do as a club. He was also interested in the Future Teachers Club, as he hopes to become a teacher one day.

“Right now, I’m a full time student and I want to devote as much time as I can volunteering to help educate children at the public library, and that prohibits me from joining clubs this semester,” said Herzog.

The club leaders at IVC said they hope to grow their groups, and although Club Day is over, several clubs remain open to enroll new members.