IV Lucha Libre thrills crowds at Ricochet’s event center

The Punisher enters the rings for the final match.

IMPERIAL — The Ricochet Event Center played host on Friday June 14 to the Imperial Valley Lucha Organization, which seeks to display the classic Hispanic heritage of the sport.

The infamous Principe Negro Ekizofrenia Oziel took on Darko to start off the evening. The match began with both opponents getting a feel for the each other and soon escalated as Darko threw his opponent to the ground.

The match worked its way to the ropes with Ekizofrenia throwing Darko to the canvas. Once the fighters got back to their feet, Ekizofrenia speared Darko out of the ring and into the seats. As both wrestlers re-entered the ring, Ekizofrenia took control of the match and pinned Darko for the win.

Following the first matches, the first belt match consisted of Bamba and Eskizofrenia versus La Fresa and Principe JR. This tag team match challenged the wrestlers to stay in the ring or else they would be whipped with belts. After back and forth battle, Bamba and Eskizofrenia pinned their opponents simultaneously to become the victors.

With the beginning fights completed, the crowd was introduced to the main event: a three on three match. The teams consisted of Extreme Tiger, Punisher, and Rayban versus Taurus Black, Black Abby JR, and Estudiante JR. The match got the crowd fired up with acrobatic stunts that launched the contenders across the ring.

To conclude the final match, Extreme Tiger and his team came out victorious by pinning their opponents to the canvas.

The Punisher, one of the members of the winning team, represents IV Lucha and will be leaving on a three-week tour in September to compete in Mexico City.