IV Food Bank in Need of Donations


Imperial Valley Food Bank

EL CENTRO – It has been a tough year for the Imperial Valley Food Bank and Thanksgiving and Christmas loom right around the corner. They are looking to the community for help.

The warehouse has government issued food packets which feeds one person for three days.

“We got hit early with the sequester which cut our government supply of food. The government shutdown did not help. We still have programs that are held up which did not come through with funding because of the shutdown. Then there was the November 1st SNAP benefits,” Executive Director Sara Griffen said.

The Food Bank feeds more than 20,000 a month. They need food donations, but more than anything they need money donations.

“We are able to buy in bulk and we are able to get better pricing than most of you can by going to the store and buying food for us. We’re able to multiply that,” Griffen said.

Most of their clients come to the IV Food Bank toward the end of the month when their resources are slim.

“They are in particular need that last week of the month when the paycheck is gone by already paying rent, utilities, and medication, particularly for seniors,” Griffen said.

Griffien added that while their food supply had been cut in half, miracles happen and they don’t turn anyone away. Nevertheless, hunger continues to be a problem.

“I’m just hoping that people think about that while they’re enjoying their family feast that there are so many that are doing without,” Griffen said.

Donations are accepted at the IV Food location near the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department in El Centro on Applestill Road.