IV Desert Museum Hosts Annual Halloween Workshop

Bod Diaz gave a lesson to the children on the history of the hispanic holiday of "The Day of the Dead"
Bob Diaz gives children a lesson on the history of the Hispanic holiday “The Day of the Dead” during Imperial Valley Desert Museum’s Halloween showcase Saturday.

OCOTILLO — To celebrate Halloween, the Imperial Valley Desert Museum held its second annual Halloween Showcase Saturday for community families and children.

For the second year, the Desert Museum sponsored the event for people of the community, seeing big turnouts with over 70 children showing up with their families.The workshop gave a fun and educational lesson on the origin of Halloween for the Hispanic culture.

The museum invited Bob Diaz once again to teach the children about the traditions of Dio de los Muertos and Diaz incorporated his lesson about the Hispanic tradition to teach the culture and beliefs of the day.

“This is the second year having this celebration with families and we are glad to teach the children a little bit of history in a fun environment,” said Anne Morgan, curator of the Desert Museum.

Other activities for kids included candy corn bingo, where children competed for candy prizes. Museum employees also helped families make necklaces from beads and acorns for one of the crafting stations.

The last station had children using their imaginations to work with clay, as the instructor taught them how to shape the clay into the likeness of skulls, which would later be painted to celebrate the theme of Day of the Dead.