It’s Dove Season


All hunters worth their salt have staked out the dove-populated fields and then grunted noncommittally when asked if they’ve seen any dove.




Clean guns have been re-cleaned,  ammunition and licenses are checked and then doubly checked. Fathers are giving last minute advice to their children on the art of shooting, and Larry Allen is firing up his grill to feed any hungry hunters before they head out for their favorite spot.




Larry Allen of KROP radio station is holding the 2nd Annual Dove Hunter’s Kick-Off Breakfast on Saturday, September 1, 2012, opening day of Dove Season, from 4:00 am till 6:30 am. The breakfast will be at 120 South Plaza in the Brawley Auto Wash Parking lot between KROP and The Rock Cafe. The breakfast is free to any and all dove hunters.


The highly prized Mourning Doves and the smaller Common Ground Doves are found year-round in any area of the Imperial Valley – including urban backyards.


The slightly larger White-winged Doves are more seasonal and tend to stay in the southern and eastern desert rural areas of the Valley.


Only Mourning Doves and White-winged Doves are legal gamebirds during our local hunting seasons. Dove hunting season begins on September 1 each year with a 15-day period ending in mid-September. A second season kicks off November 10 until December 24, 2012, approximately 45 days.


The bag limited is ten doves per day in aggregate. Possession limit is double the daily bag limit in aggregate.


Shooting may begin ½ hour before sunrise on September 1st,or 5:44 a.m. and continue until 7:05 p.m.


There are 23 designated upland game fields in the Imperial County, mainly in the north end, all north of Rutherford Road.


Besides dove hunting season being a local highpoint for those that live in the valley, our abundant fields and ample waterways makes this a prime hunting ground because of the large numbers of dove that migrate here and therefore attract visitors from all over southern California and Arizona to hunt.


Full hunting regulations may be found at


Upland Game Fields map