It May Not Be To Late To Save A Life


reversing the abortion pill

June 24, 2016

Sara Littlefield
Abortion Pill Reversal
Executive Director

It may not be too late for women who have taken the abortion pill (mifepristone, also known as RU-486) and regret their decision. The Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) program has developed a protocol to attempt the reversal of the effects of the abortion pill. The mission of APR is to provide a supportive alternative to women who have taken the abortion pill and have decided they would like to try and reverse the effects. The APR program is composed of the APR website (, a 24/7 telephone hotline staffed by nurses (877-558-0333), and an international network of medical providers prepared to assist women throughout the APR process.

We are excited about the growth we are seeing in the APR program. Since the launch of the APR hotline in 2012, 175 babies have been born with over 100 babies on the way! The word is spreading across our country – and the world – that it is possible to reverse the abortion pill. We have served women in 40 states and 13 countries!

You are invited to join in the effort to spread hope! Here are three ways you can partner with the Abortion Pill Reversal program:

  • Become Financial Partners: Through the generous support of our donors, we are able to continue to offer hope to women who regret their decision of taking the abortion pill and to spread the news that reversing the abortion pill is possible! Information about how to donate can be found by clicking on the “Donate” tab on our website (
  • Join Our Medical Network: Our network of medical providers continues to grow and currently includes over 300 providers in the United States prepared to provide women with a second chance at life for their unborn! Our goal is to be able to direct every woman who calls our hotline to a medical provider near her. Information about how to join our medical network can be found by clicking on the “Join Our Medical Network” tab on our website (
  • Spread the Word: Help us spread hope by sharing the news that IT IS POSSIBLE to reverse the abortion pill! Share our website (, like us on Facebook (“Abortion Pill Reversal”), or share our promotional video (–BI).

Every woman and her story is different – from her age to her educational background, to whether she’s single or married. But the one common thread, regardless of these differences, is that the women who call our hotline regret their decision to take the abortion pill. It is humbling to witness the transformation unfolding in the life of each woman as she begins the reversal process. Every day that passes her anxieties and concerns melt into joyful anticipation and peace. I believe that the words of these women speak volumes to the mission of the Abortion Pill Reversal program – they are the true heroes of this work! May the joy they share bring hope to those seeking a second chance at life for their unborn!

“There is help out there for women who are confused…There is a new light in my home that brings a smile to everyone in my family, and I would not change it for the world.”