Is anyone paying attention to this imperial president?



Jim Ludington Ludington is a historian and freelance writer from Botetourt County, Virginia.

By Jim Ludington

If you’ve ever wondered why our nation is so dysfunctional, here’s something you might consider: The foolish people of the United States have elected a president who has nothing but enmity for our Constitution and our laws.

Now that he’s comfortably settled in his presidency and his last major election is behind him, he has no reason to continue pretending his job is to serve the people. He can now rule by imperial edict. After 240 years of freedom from George III, we find ourselves with an egomaniacal president who thinks he’s a king.

But there’s more. Obama’s presidency would have been short-lived and much less dangerous if it weren’t for the large majority of elected representatives who regularly bow to him and a growing number of self-indulgent voters awaiting new and better benefits.

It’s truly amazing to me that while this man routinely breaks our laws, we have very few voices raised in opposition. It is rumored that Congress is afraid to criticize the president because . . . well . . . he’s black. Someone might think they’re racist if they criticize Barack Obama. (You’d think that since he’s only half black they could at least criticize his white half.) But no, our politicians, news media and many of our citizens are paralyzed by fear.

And what about “We the People”? Well, we’re a strange lot. Obviously, a little over half of those who vote are fat, dumb and happy, sustained by their meager benefits and looking forward to what the government (paid for by those of us still working) will provide next. These people are ignorant of the fact that they are subjects, not citizens. They are back on the plantation, no matter what color they are. They depend on government for their housing, their food and their cellphones. Their only job is to vote Democratic once a year. And Obama is adding to their numbers daily with fresh reinforcements from outside our borders.

The rest of us seem to be, for the most part, foolish enough to think that whatever government does, we should blindly support. That may be in part because our public schools no longer teach the principles of freedom, and our churches no longer teach Christians to apply biblical morality to the world around them.

Our schools are now controlled by unions and government bureaucracies, while our churches are afraid to confront the evils of our government, cowed by the IRS and the great lie of separation of church and state. Schools no longer encourage critical thinking — our children are taught to be drones, programmed to fill the part-time no-benefit jobs awaiting them after graduation. Churches are afraid they’ll offend people with the truth. Together they will elect more Obamas and lackeys to enable him.

Hitler is supposed to have said, “It is fortunate for governments that men do not think.” Whether he said it or not, the statement is certainly accurate. And a former U.S. senator did say: “The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” Both statements apply to our current situation.

We are very close to the point of no return in this great nation. I cringe when I think about how many men and women have sacrificed their lives in wars to defend our freedom while we casually watch a small group of men destroy it. The combined might of the Nazis and Imperial Japanese could not destroy us, but our apathy can. It’s time to pay attention. It’s time to take back our nation.


  1. Yes Bush was a “Small” disaster, but please explain the asinine statement, “At a self made man.”

  2. there is nothing self made about little barryboy, he is the poster biy for affirmative action gone bad, his strings are pulled by others, and he is a disaster …. Bush is gone time to live in today

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