Interim Registrar of Voters reported to the board all ready for November elections

Debra Porter, Interim Registrar of Voters, spoke to the Board concerning the November 5th elections.

EL CENTRO – With the November 5 election quickly approaching and memories of last election’s provisional ballots still on the minds of certain precincts in Brawley as residents were bounced from poll to poll in their attempt to vote, Debra Porter attempted to assure the Board of Supervisors of expected competency.


Supervisor Ryan Kelley of the Northend’s District 4, questioned Porter most closely of the board. “It was my precinct that didn’t have our names or my neighbors’ names as registered to vote, and my name was on the ballot.”



Porter reported that there are 26,000 vote by mail ballots, 4000 of those are precincts that only are mail ballots with no polling location. Precincts of less than 250 voters may only vote by mail, however Porter said they can hand deliver their ballots to any polling location or take them to the registrar of voters office election day until the polls close at 8:00 p.m.



Porter also said that anyone can walk into a polling place and if they claim they have a right to vote, they will be given a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are counted last, after confirmation that the person is eligible and hasn’t voted anywhere else, either at a polling location or through mail.


Precincts change as growth occurs, Porter said. “For instance, Heber use to be a vote by mail precinct because of their size. Then they got their first precinct, and now they have two. Two notifications are sent when precincts change or polling places move.


This year, not every precinct is voting. Only 58,000 voters will be casting ballots for mainly school board members and city council candidates.