Imperial Valley Kite Festival at its Highest



HEBER – Local residents on Saturday welcomed the first Imperial Valley Kite festival featuring Weifang International Kites with great enthusiasm. The five-day event took place at the Imperial Center in Heber on Yourman Road and Highway 111, and featured kites that filled the sky with bright, spectacular colors, shapes and sizes that ranged from dragons to butterflies and fishes. Onlookers all described the panorama as amazing with perfect winds playing a key role in the event.

“The kite festival attracted over 900 local residents on opening day and remained pretty steady,” said Humphrey Lu, Pacific International Investment and Development Co., spokesperson. “We are happy to bring the Chinese culture to Imperial Valley and exhibit Weifang International’s extravagant and unique kites. Weifang International Kites holds two world records, one for the biggest kite and the other for the most expensive,” said Lu.

Imperial residents Juan and Martha Zamora commented, “We thought it would be a good experience to bring our two kids to see the kites, but having purchased one here and physically fly it was an amazing experience for them. We cannot tell you how happy we are seeing our kids having so much fun and learning something new.”

In addition to the colorful exhibition, kites were available to purchase at very affordable prices from $1 to $10, as well as t-shirts and other cultural items.

The Weifang International Kites Festival will hold its’ 32nd annual event in Weifang, East China’s Shandong Province, on April 18th, and have extended an invitation to Imperial Valley officials, according to Lu. “Over 300 countries attend this festival each year, it is a big event,” Lu said.

“Like Imperial County, we in Yuma don’t have much for our kids to do, but when I heard of this event I took a chance,” said Victor Aguilar of Yuma, AZ. “I can honestly tell you it was worth every bit. My kids had so much fun that I plan to bring them back on Sunday, and hopefully bring my nephews as well.”

Pacific International Investment and Development Co. was responsible for the 5-day breath-taking event. Not only did it amuse the community, but it also served as a good luck ritual for the expansion of the Imperial Center Wholesale groundbreaking ceremony that took place on Wednesday, according to organizers.

Eugenia Madrigal of Calexico laughed as she noted, “I had no idea flying kites could be so much fun. Not only are my kids enjoying themselves, but so am I. I think this is going to be my new hobby, I can’t believe I just said that. At my age, flying kites!”

“Kites are the link to bring everyone together and give people the opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture,” Lu explained. “Local and Mexicali residents can also take this opportunity to learn about our developing project. We hope to make this event monthly, however, for the near future, plans are to bring the festival back in September or October, 2015.”

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