Imperial Superior Court Launches Interactive Web And Voice Payment Systems

imperial county courthouse
The Superior Court of California, County of Imperial introduces new 24-hour-a-day telephone and web access payment option

IMPERIAL COUNTY – The Superior Court of California, County of Imperial is pleased to introduce a new 24-hour-a-day telephone and web access payment option for those wishing to pay fines and/or fees owed to the Court. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Interactive Web Response Systems (IWR), available in English and Spanish, provide a convenient and direct method for court users to locate their court case, understand their options, and immediately pay monies onto their case.

The impact of this innovative service to the public is expected to be profound, given that currently eight full-time staff persons take money payments over the phone during the hours of 8-4 Monday-Friday only. “This new bilingual system puts innovative tools and current technology directly in the hands of court users to pay their fines and fees at any time of the day or night,” Court Executive Officer Tammy L. Grimm stated. “These straightforward, uncomplicated options for 24/7 payments require nothing more than a telephone, smart phone, or access to a computer to enter basic information to find and retrieve their case. We think the public will be thrilled that they can now make payments on their cell phones and smart phones.” Grimm continued, “In an era where dwindling public resources often results in reduced public services, I am pleased we are able to create increased accessibility to the Court now with these options.”

The IVR/IWR systems will give the public information and specify whether or not the person is eligible for proof of correction, or traffic school, or a 30 day extension. It will provide general court information, education on the options available, and calculate the fine based upon the option that is selected. For people making payments on their fine, it will provide the fine balance. The system streamlines processes in accounting, cashiering, and operations. It will reduce manual processes, giving the Court added resources to support the various work of the Court.

The system, which is smart phone compatible, was first proposed by Ralph Meza, Technology Manager and Terri Darr, Court Finance Manager in 2014. Betsy Ordonez, Accounting Supervisor, has worked tirelessly over the last 18 months absorbing most of the testing responsibility. Says Ordonez, “It is exciting to see all the hard work come to fruition. The Call Center staff is pleased with the enhancement as it allows them to process incoming calls more efficiently. This bilingual tool is a nice improvement.”

On January 4, the IVR/IWR system will go live for traffic and infraction cases. The system should be live for criminal cases by the end of January 2016. To access the system, the person will need their case number, citation number, or driver’s license number.

To view/access the Court’s IWR (web system): There will be a link at the top of the page on Monday, January 4, 2016. To use/access the Court’s IVR (phone system): call (760) 336-3570.