Imperial-Mexicali Binational Alliance


Imperial-Mexicali Binational Alliance
MEXICALI – The IMPERIAL-MEXICALI BINATIONAL ALLIANCE met on September 18, 2013 in Mexicali to sign the official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) document.  From its initial stages, approximately one year ago, the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation (IVEDC), Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC), Comision de Desarrollo Economico de Mexicali (CDEM) and the Comision de Desarrollo Industrial de Mexicali, have developed this working group which now includes, county and city leadership and technical staff, regional and state association groups, federal agencies and other entities which have an international/border emphasis.

The overall vision of the working group is to collaborate on 3 key matters:  Economic Development, Infrastructure and Environment, all in the effort to increase economic prosperity, have environmental sustainability and improve the region’s overall quality of life.  Increase investment to the region, border crossings, telecommunication and roadway infrastructure, air and water, are only some of the important matters already discussed and in the development stages of strategized solutions.

The official signing entities of this MOU are Tom DuBose, chairman of the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation, Jack Terrazas, chairman of the Imperial County Transportation Commission, Sergio Tagliapietra Nassri, president of the Consejo de Desarrollo Económico de Mexicali A.C., Eugenio Lagarde, president of the Comisión de Desarrollo Industrial de Mexicali, Carlos Flores Vázquez, secretario of the Secretaria de Infraestructura y Desarrollo Urbano del Estado and Juventino Pérez Brambila, director of the Instituto Municipal de Investigación y Planeación Urbana de Mexicali.  All have played a key role in not only the establishment of this working group, but in developing successful business and technical solutions to the matters of discussion.

Also in attendance were Imperial County Supervisor John Renison, Rebecca Terrazas-Baxter representing the Office of Congressman Juan Vargas, Frank Salazar from the Office of State Senator Ben Hueso, Bianka Velez from the office of Assemblymember Manuel Perez, Tim Kelley, president and CEO of the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation and Mark Baza, executive director of the Imperial County Transportation Commission, all key members of the alliance.

Instrumental to the development and implementation of the Imperial-Mexicali Binational Alliance are Mike R. Paredes of IVEDC, Virginia Mendoza of ICTC and Rene Acuna of CDEM.   This platform allows for proper and strategic local cross border planning and marketing efforts, which helps us better position ourselves in the Cali Baja Bi-National Mega-Region.  The MOU will allow the working group to continue its diligent binational work in the overall improvement and competitiveness of the Imperial-Mexicali border region.

For more information, please contact Mike Paredes at or (760) 353-8332.