Imperial Loses Home Basketball Game Against Palo Verde

Terry Daniels (#20) shoots a  jump shot.

IMPERIAL— Imperial High School boys’ Varsity basketball team hosted the Palo Verde Yellow Jackets Tuesday night as Palo Verde defeated the Tigers with a final score of 66-48.

In the first period, Palo Verde secured a five-point lead over Imperial, but Tiger Santiago Del La Torre (#13) closed that lead by drawing a reaching foul that sent him to the free throw line for two points.

With Palo Verde failing to score on the next possession, Del La Torre received a pass and drove into the key for a layup.

Still trailing, the Tigers had another effective go at the basket with Robert Quintero (#23) making a layup. The Tigers continued to press on, tying the game at 14-14, with Nathan Wong (#30) making a layup under tough coverage.

Taking back the lead, Palo Verde power forward Terry Daniels (#20) moved under the basket for a layup. In the final seconds of the period, the Tigers’ Sonny Escalante (#2) recovered his teammate’s rebound, tipping it off the glass and tying the game at 16-16.

In the second period, Palo Verde struck first with Kobe White’s (#15) booming three-point field goal. With Palo Verde recovering a Tigers’ rebound, Atkinson received a pass in the high-point of the court, and pressed forward for a layup at the basket.

As the Tigers took possession, Del La Torre made a jump shot at the top of the key. Heading into half-time, Palo Verde managed a one-point lead with a score of 28-27.

Progressing into the third period, Palo Verde increased their lead to 13 with Atkinson taking it to the basket for an additional layup.

The Tigers slowed the game’s pace with another reaching foul, sending Manny Mendoza (#24) to the free throw line, making both attempts.

In another strong drive, the Tigers’ Christian Aguilera (#21) hustled to the basket, making a physical layup under pressure. Del La Torre scored on the Tigers’ next possession, driving into the key for another two points.

But Palo Verde kept its lead, with Blake Phipps (#11) shooting a layup, making the score 50-37.

As the fourth period began, Daniels put up the first points, tapping the ball off the glass with a jump shot. Following him, Manny Arroyo (#5) grabbed a passed ball, pushed his way into the key, and banked the ball off the glass and into the basket for two points.

Daniels once again took possession and drove down court, for a field goal at the free throw line. Palo Verde gained 16 points in the fourth period, securing their victory for their second league win of the season.

With this loss, the Tigers will move on to host the Central Spartans for a non-conference match up Friday, potentially allowing Imperial to get a fourth win for the season. Palo Verde will return home to host the Southwest Eagles for a non-conference game, in efforts of gaining an eleventh win for the season.