Imperial Irrigation District: Local Entity Appeals Meeting


IID front yard

El Centro, California – In accordance with the action adopted by the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors acting as the Local Entity on October 22, 2013, authorizing an appeal process in reference to the disqualification of grant proposals submitted under the 2012 Competitive Grant Program, we are hereby notifying appellants and their representatives of the following:


1) In order to be considered, written appeals must have been submitted in accordance with Section XIV (Appeal Process) of the 2012 Competitive Grant Program Request for Proposals before 5:00 p.m. November 12, 2013. The following twenty-four (24) parties submitted written appeals:


Miriam Arabago-Automatic Air LLC; El Bodegon – Joaquin Ossorio; Brownie’s Diner – Gabriel Rebollar; Calexico Chamber of Commerce; The Den Program – Bishop Darren Wilson; Desert Fire Defense – Luis Caro; Fiesta Mexican Food; High Point Tattoos – Juan Gamez; Holtville Tribune; Imperial Chamber of Commerce; John Kelada, MD; LARDOG Communication; LLC Mostly Theatre Company; One Way Sanctified Holiness Church – Michael Minnix; Raspados; Rubens – Ruben Olmedo; Raspalandia – Mary Cortez Roga; Financial Partnership; The Rub; San Diego Center for International Trade Development; Save A Lot – Mike Mattia; Sky Vision Ads; URP Investments; and Williams Parent’s Place – Cynthia Williams.


2) These twenty-four (24) parties and/or their representatives may make an oral presentation of the issues raised within their appeal at the appeal hearing, which has been scheduled for December 4, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. at the Imperial Irrigation District’s William R Condit auditorium, located at 1285 Broadway in El Centro, California. As stated in Section XIV of the 2012 Competitive Grant Program Request for Proposals, the presentation by appellant must be confined to the issues raised in their written appeal. If an appellant chooses not to make an oral presentation, the appeal panel will make its recommendation regarding the final disposition of the appeal based solely upon the written appeal submitted.


3) The actions of the Local Entity in this appeal process are governed by Section XIV of the 2012 Competitive Grant Program Request for Proposals. The determinations of the appeal panel will become finalized if ratified by the full Local Entity Board.


  1. Once again an outstanding process-there don’t appear to have been any family or friends rejected. Just another welfare program for cronies and the well written.

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