Imperial gym members compete and win in San Diego



Nine members of the 4:13 Fitness Center competed at the Border States NPC-IFBB National Qualifier in San Diego this past weekend, garnering trophies for their efforts. Photo by Deuce Robertson.

SAN DIEGO — The 4:13 Fitness Center in Imperial competed in San Diego this weekend at the Border States NPC-IFBB National Qualifier, according to 4:13 Fitness Center owner Deuce Robertson.

“4:13 had a total of nine competitors, seven females and two males,” said Robertson. “One in Bodybuilding, one in Men’s Physique, one in figure, and six in Bikini. There were three 4:13 members over 40 years of age. Out of those nine competitors, 4:13 took home a total of 12 trophies. We had four girls that were competing for their very first time. We also had one that competed at a prior event and didn’t place, then this round brought home a first place trophy.”

There was a combination of 4:13 trainers and members competing, according to Robertson.

“We even had a female body transformation member compete as well,” said Robertson.

The names of 4:13 Fitness Competitors include: Mariano Valenzuela – Mens Physique; Scott Milowski – 40 and over Bodybuilding; Carolyn Valenzuela – Unlimited Figure; Rachel Robertson – Masters 35 and over Bikini; Andrea Martinez – Masters 35 and over Bikini; Rosalie Rosales – Unlimited Bikini; Sirena Canales – Unlimited Bikini; Xochityl Robinson – 40 and over Masters; and Susana Favila – 40 and over Masters.

“When we created 4:13 Fitness Center, we wanted people to meet their fitness goals, no matter how small or how big,” said Robertson. “At this event, we had several meet a goal that they wanted, but didn’t think they would ever be able to achieve.”

“4:13 Fitness Center members and staff are always helping out each other and new members and encouraging them to reach their goals,” he said. “Whether your goal is to lose five pounds or compete in a Bikini Competition, we are there for our members. 4:13 competitors had the most people supporting our crew, out of all of the other gyms at this competition.”

“I’m extremely proud of these competitors,” continued Robertson. “To my knowledge, no other gym in the Valley has ever had nine competitors compete in the same competition and the 12 trophies was a huge bonus. It was incredible.”





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