Imperial County regulators to shut down Camacho’s


EL CENTRO – According to a post at, Camacho’s Place is being forced to close by Imperial County regulators who are giving the owners an ultimatum of either installing a $300,000 fresh water system to their toilets and restroom sinks or closing their doors.

Here is their post:

Our 65 year old restaurant, Camacho’s Place, has been run and owned by the same family for 3 generations, bringing superb Mexican food to citizens of Imperial Valley and beyond. Our restaurant is a family tradition to many all around the world (see our Facebook page: and customers have been known to fly their helicopters 100+ miles to eat here or drive 3+ hours just for a meal. We have been visited by countless numbers of regular patrons over the years as well as celebrities including Bruce Bochy of the San Francisco Giants, actor Donal Logue and Prince Harry of Wales.

Richard and Juanita Camacho opened Camacho’s Place using Juanita’s family recipes and by Richard Camacho, who built the restaurant himself with his bare hands. In October of 2010, Camacho’s Place was declared a registered landmark by E. Clampus Vitus, who installed a plaque just outside of our front doors.

We are now under pressure from Imperial County to install a brand new, $300,000+ water system to bring fresh/consumable water *solely* to our toilets and sinks. While we already use fresh water from Sparkletts for drinking and cooking, the county insists we need a brand new water system which unfortunately we cannot afford by December 7th of this year– at which time, they will close our doors. At this time, we would be grateful for any help we receive to allow ourselves to continue operating and serving our customers who we have loved for the past 65 years.

Additionally, if you grew up with our food and our restaurant and have enjoyed visiting us, please take a moment to tell the County how you feel about their decision to close our doors over such a trivial matter. E-mail them: or call them at (760) 482-4438. You can also speak to Senator Juan Vargas at (760) 335-3442 and tell him how you feel about Camacho’s as well.


  1. How ridulous to do such a thing. Sad for all that love Comachos……………..How many of the “powers that be” have drinking water forr their toilets. This is a terrible thing……………

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