Imperial County Office Of Education Receives $4.3 Million From Prop 39 Funding

William Moreno Junior High School ASB President Johnny Valenzuela presented Senator Ben Hueso with a Certificate of Appreciation Friday morning.

CALEXICO – State Senator Ben Hueso presented the Imperial County Office of Education, Calexico Unified School District and William Moreno Junior High School with two checks funded by the California Clean Energy Jobs Act or Proposition 39, Friday morning.

The California Clean Energy Jobs Act or Proposition 39 allocates revenue to local education agencies to support energy efficiency and alternative energy projects, along with related improvements and repairs contributing to reduced operating costs and improved health and safety in public schools.

The Imperial County Office of Education received a $4,309,092 million check to be distributed among the Imperial County Schools which include $2.3 million to the Calexico Unified School District of which $954,601 will go directly to William Moreno Junior High School (WMJHS).

“With this money your school (WMJHS) will receive lots of upgrades of which one will be air conditioning to make sure you are not in facilities that are 120 degrees,” said Hueso.

According to MBA, Assistant Supt. Business Services Mei L. Randle the Calexico Unified School District (CUSD) has adopted a district-wide plan for spending by school-site that include HVAC improvements and lighting upgrades in approximately 11 schools throughout the CUSD.

“I consider the money we are receiving today an investment,” said Maria Ambriz, CUSD Superintendent. “Two million is a big amount that will help us make the much needed repairs that are going to make our facilities energy efficient throughout, particularly in areas like lighting and thermostat control. This will make school a more comfortable place to be for our students especially during the summertime.”

According to Ambriz, the savings generated with the upgrades in the future will be invested in other areas such as recreation.

Additionally Senator Ben Hueso received a Certificate of Appreciation from WMJHS in recognition for his outstanding contribution and support for the students and staff in that facility.

Hueso also took the opportunity to speak to students of the importance of education and staying in school.

“I want to encourage you to work very hard in school and to communicate with your teachers with what your needs are,” said Hueso. “You can achieve your dreams most easily though an education and I want you to always think about that in everything you do. You are going to be tempted to do other things that will lure you away from an education but you should always think that the best way to achieve your dreams is through an education and I hope you never forget that.”

Eligible local educational agencies including county offices of education, school districts, charter schools and state special schools can request funding by submitting an energy expenditure plan application to the California Energy Commission. For this fiscal year, there is an option to receive part or all of a school’s allocation for energy savings planning purposes. The Energy Commission approves plans and works with the California Department of Education, which subsequently distributes funds after plans have been approved.