Imperial County Latinos Take Back Breakfast


El Centro, CA September 7, 2012 – The Network for a Healthy California (Network) and San Diego & Imperial Region Latino Campaign observes Latino Health Awareness Month in September in partnership with the Imperial County Public Health Department to encourage Latinos to live healthier, more active lives. This year two events will be held in the community.


The first at El Sol Market in El Centro on Friday September 7, 2012 followed by a second event at the Boys and Girls Club in Brawley on Saturday September 22, 2012.


“More Californians are eating more fruits and vegetables but more needs to be done to ensure a healthier future for our children,” said Yoliviviana Sanchez, Network Latino Campaign Manager at the Imperial County Public Health Department. “In the last decade, obesity has doubled among Latino children and now nearly half of Latino children ages 9 to 11 are overweight or obese.”


 Through Latino Awareness Month activities in Imperial County, Public Health Department staff provides Latino families the tools they need to take charge of their health and to fight obesity. The Network for a Healthy California encourages parents to combat childhood obesity with the first meal of the day.


For this year’s Latino Health Awareness Month, the Network is focusing on the first and most important meal of the day: breakfast. Supporting evidence shows that children who eat breakfast and don’t skip meals throughout the day are less likely to become overweight and obese. In fact, teens that eat breakfast perform better in school and report higher energy during the day.


 During Latino Health Awareness Month, the Network will showcase quick breakfast recipes that also have plenty of fruits and vegetables to start the day the healthy way.


“Children need healthy food to fuel their active days,” said Sanchez. “Latino parents can give their kids a jump start with a healthy breakfast like non-fat yogurt with granola and fruit, eggs with nopales (cactus) or the Network’s tropical eye opener smoothie and be sure to include a healthy drink like water, non-fat or low-fat milk.”


One of the best ways parents can help their kids get healthy is by being good role models at the breakfast table. Kids who regularly eat breakfast with their families are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. Make half of your children’s plate fruits and vegetables and then take a few extra minutes to enjoy your healthy meal together.


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