Imperial County Humane Society and local brewery host adoption event

Pentagonal Brewing Company hosts an adoption event with the Humane Society to provide residents with a chance to adopt dogs.

IMPERIAL - The Humane Society of Imperial County partnered with Pentagonal Brewing Company to host another adoption event Sunday. Humane Society members and owners of Pentagonal Brewing Company said they hoped the event would help many dogs find their forever homes.

Johnny Stump, one of the owners of Pentagonal Brewing Company, explained that he and the other owners are all dog lovers, claiming that they each owned at least two dogs. And that combined love of dogs is what sparked an interest in working with the Humane Society.

“We wanted to accomplish two things: have a kid friendly environment and have a place to bring our dogs,” said Stump.

After hosting several adoption events with the Humane Society, the owners of the brewery decided to offer a discount at the bar to anyone bringing in pet supply donations to the event.

According to organizers, the Humane Society is always in need of pet supplies, and not just pet food for the animals. The wish list includes cat litter, flea and tick shampoos, potty training pads, and even cans and bottles for recycling.

Devon Apodaca, executive director of the Humane Society, said he was glad to be working with the brewery again and looks forward to more events with them. According to Apodaca, the Humane Society attempts to have an adoption event once a month (aside from weekly adoption days) with participants such as Pentagonal Brewing Company and Tractor Supply.

“We’re so understaffed, but our intention is to have an event once a month,” said Apodaca.

Valerie Schwartz, a regular at the brewery, came in when she realized the adoption event was occurring. She stopped to take a look at the puppies that were up for adoption, but regrettably, she said she was unable to adopt.

“I already have a pit bull, and I’m not ready for another dog. I’m going to call to get my sister down here, because she wants a dog and there’s a lot of cuties here,” said Schwartz.

The Pentagonal Brewing Company owners said they enjoyed working with the Humane Society and look forward to future events with even more adoptions.


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