Imperial County Election Results


Election ResultsBRAWLEY – In one of the hottest contested races for the Imperial Valley, Robert Menvielle and Carlos Zaragoza battled for the position of Imperial County Assessor. Menvielle won with 51% of the vote, or 6375 votes, to Zaragoza’s 5,916 votes.


Pioneers Hospital Board elections showed Linda Rubin as the top vote getter, receiving 22% of the vote, 1,545 votes, followed by Maria Garcia-Aguilera with 1,423, Jeffery S. Klicka with 1,349, Marcus S. Tapia with 1,330, and George K. Ching getting 1,162. Rubin was the only incumbent re-elected back onto the board, with Garcia-Aguilera and Klicka, both will be serving for the first time.


Imperial Community College District 2 Karla Araceli Sigmon won convincingly with 48% of the vote cast by 1,108 voters, Carlos R. Acuna received 24% of the vote and Peter A. Martinez taking 25%.


District 5 of Imperial Community College showed Juanita Salas with 68% of the vote, 929 votes, and Blanca Barela receiving 412 votes.


District 5 Supervisor race also had incumbent Raymond Castillo winning over challenger Wally Leimgruber, 1,337 votes to 971.


Imperial County Supervisor race for District 1 had John R. Renison winning with 51% of the vote over Daniel F. Romero at 48%.


Imperial City Council had James Tucker as the top vote getter receiving 673 votes, then Betty Sampson receiving 559 votes, followed by Geoff Dale with 482, then Rick Breland at 400, Manuel Ramos, 364, Chris Caldwell, 296, and Gregory S. Siota with 235.


Central High School Board election showed Todd Evangelist with the highest vote count at 2,223, or 32%, Emma Lou Jones received 1,856; Jeanne Vogel had 1,440, and Diahna Garcia-Ruiz took 1,335.



Seeley Elementary Board candidates earned the following: Mary C. Locke with111, Carlos Gomez had 103; and Victor H. Arredondo won 75 votes.


Heffernan Memorial Hospital election showed the following results: Sylvia Bernal, 1,401; Norma M. Apodaca, 1,286; and Joaquin Tapia with 1,209.


Calexico Unified Board candidates had the following votes, Lorenzo Calderon, Jr. won 1,480 votes, Erik Ortega received 1,463; Walter Cress had 1,266, then Benjamin Joseph Horton with 816, and finally, German Duran had 749.


Calexico City Council candidates fared in this order: Armando (Mandy) Real, 1,058 votes; Maritza Hurtado, 859 votes; Morris Reisin, 661 votes; Bill Hodge, 542 votes, and Guillermo Hermosillo with 502 votes; Salvador Cuevas, 494 votes; Alma Castro, 297 votes; and Aurelio Serrano 140 votes.