Imperial County CEO, Ralph Cordova Jr., announces retirement


IMPERIAL COUNTY Ralph Cordova, Jr., Imperial County’s executive officer, announced that he will retire from Imperial County after 25 years of dedicated service, according to a press release from the Imperial County Executive Office.

Cordova has served as the County Executive Officer (CEO) for the last nine years. During his tenure with the County, Cordova also served in several leadership positions as both the County Counsel and the Assistant District Attorney. After assuming his position as CEO in 2008, Cordova successfully navigated the County through the recession and economic downturn that significantly reduced County revenues. Cordova stated that one of his proudest accomplishments was leading the County through that difficult financial time without having to lay off employees, reduce salaries or reduce services to the community as, unfortunately many other Counties did, said the release.

Michael Kelley, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, commented about Cordova in the press release. “I am going to miss Ralph. He has been a great asset to and leader of the County for many years. Ralph has helped the County face and overcome numerous challenges and create a secure future for the County. He has worked tremendously hard on protecting Imperial County residents from the impacts of the QSA water transfer. I look forward to seeing the impact he continues to make in this community that I know he loves,” Kelley said.

“I am grateful to the Board of Supervisors, the department heads, county employees, community members and all those involved in local government that have worked with me for the betterment of the County residents all these years,” Cordova said in the press release. “I am enormously proud of what the County has accomplished over the last nine years and see nothing but good things in the County’s future.”

Cordova will continue to serve in an advisory role to the County.

“The next phase of my professional career will be to go into the private practice of law representing individuals and corporations. I was born and raised in Imperial County and will be a lifelong resident. I look forward to continuing to work with the cities and the County to give back to the community,” Cordova stated.


  1. How much did all of us have to pay Ralph for this “retirement” “resignation” or “quit or you’re fired” solution to his long standing problems ?

    I agree with Charlie….the truth is ?

  2. This publication has it listed as a “retirement” another has it listed as a “resignation” and yet other scuttlebutt has it as a “quit or you’re fired”….So…the truth is?

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