Imagine School Promotes Fun Fitness with Day Camp

Students started off the morning with duck duck goose to get warmed up for their dance.
Students started off the morning with Duck, Duck, Goose to get warmed up for the day.

EL CENTRO-  The Imagine Charter school hosted a dance fitness camp on June 23 in an effort to advocate for the importance of children to get active. The camp sought to emphasize both dancing and the need to strive for fitness, all the while enjoying themselves.

It was clear that fun was fully integrated into the camp, as children start off with a game of Duck, Duck, Goose. After the children got warmed up and loose, they started the dance routines. The students danced happily around the cafeteria, forming a conga line as they walked on stage.

Teacher Zinnia Villa practiced the routine with them for the final time. As parents started to fill the cafeteria, the students got to their positions. As the lights went off, the students danced throughout the crowd of parents to add excitement. Finishing this part of the performance, the children created a circle to play a dancing version of Follow the Leader. Each child had their own time in the circle to dance while everyone else mimicked their moves. The audience loudly applauded to this display of hilarious dance moves.  To finish off the fitness routine, the children demonstrated their new skills with choreographed moves of the latest dance crazes. To top the evening off, both parents and children got to watch a short video on the importance of being active.

“My purpose of this dance camp was really to show students that it is important to be active and really get a feel for fitness” says teacher Zinnia Villa, “also showing them that dance is not just for performance but pure fun for all ages to enjoy.”

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